Saturday, March 18, 2006

Jamo's Chester Zoo Trip

I (Jamo) went on an exhilarating trip to Chester Zoo on Thursday 9th March, what an amazing time we had. I went with a few class mates and some teachers, so I thought it would be funny if I took my camcorder to capture all the fools being stupid.
It turns out that I was the only one being adequately stupid, therefore I did not record any humans. But I recorded lots of animals. Do you know why? …Because it’s a zoo, you silly person.



Veiw more pictures from Jamo's chester zoo trip here

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Anonymous hannah said...

some cool pics bros nice work!

Blogger Yonner said...

yo jamo.
nice pics.
vids a bit short aint they?

Blogger Yonner said...

the one where those 2 lads are inside that bubble looking at that fluffy animal is my favourite shot. nice one

Anonymous Jamo said...

ye, they r supposed 2 b short cos then ppl can download em easier than jus sitin ther 4 hours waitin 4 it download. Ye that one was my favourite aswell. we have soooo much in common

Blogger Mat Kirk said...

what sort of freaks go to Chester Zoo

Anonymous JohnO said...

Good pix Jamo! I like the giraffes legs one best!

Anonymous Jamo said...

I dunno but i tell you now i am not a freak...ha u called moi a freak im flattered. Only problem is...I know where you live

Anonymous Ben said...

Quote Mat
what sort of freaks go to Chester Zoo

My sister. Notice her in the pic with all those girls at the front. Shes the only tart with her hair pulled tight, those stupid pants with a belt buckle bigger than her head and her legs spread spelling out 'DO ME!'