Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Old High School Short Vids

Here are some mint vids of the good old days... more for people who have left school really, but anyway... enjoy! (warning - offensive lanuage in background)

Ever feel like smashing your pen? try this... (dont try this at home)

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What happens when pen smashing goes wrong? your qustions answered..

its hard to see but ye, his finger bled.
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Time to throw custard at the homlessness...

no homelessness's where harmed or offended in the making of this.
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A Classic tunnel of death at break time.

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Well thats it, Thanks to tom garlick for the filming. and we have permission off everyone who appeared on these clips, to be put on our site.
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Blogger amy said...

omg everyone looks soooo young! That bloody tunnel was torture if u got caught in it! U were crazy you lot? Whoes the mad head with the finger & pen? Aw this vids are dead good to watch!! Put a smile on my face!