Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Film! - Final Destination

Just To announce the new film that is now released on The Oldham Bros, it is called final destination, and is completely not a copy of the film that so happens to have the name final destination, that is jsut a complete coincidence, maybe.


anyway ye this is one that Jamo and his friends had the please in making. jamo had bought a Tripod for it a few week back, n this was kinda testin out how ood it was, i good result, a definate watch.

there is always new stuff up here so like, keep coming checkin us out!
Seeya Soon

Click Here to watch Final Destination
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Blogger Yonner said...

ha, funny :)

Anonymous Mat Kirk said...

thats mint. shame aero n danny hate me so much

Anonymous danny said...

we dont hate you............we simply strongly dispice you.

Anonymous nik hoyle said...

haha lol these vids r sik a bin misin out wivout broadband :P xxx