Wednesday, May 10, 2006

2nd Bikin' Vid

Well here we are the 2nd biking video has come and this time your in for a treat for those of you who have something against beards, you get to see one fall off a bike, yes that's right Matt Whitham falls off his Marin B17 bike that he paid about 630 quid for, what a waste of money if he cant even ride it!

So in this video we see snippets of goin round Hollingworth Lake, (the video has not been sped up in editing we actually go that fast on our bikes) and a little bit of doin up jumps at birch manor that we built, they are not really much spectacular but ah well.

Now I am forgetting the star of the video, "Stuntman Whitham", what a brave fellow, the aim was for Josho to dive under him timing it just right so that he cleared me, we did it the first time, but some plank forgot to get the camera running. So we did it again, and the fall in the video was the outcome, Josho timed everything wrong, as Matt's beard put him off.


Watch the 2nd bikin' vid fullscreen.

Or if Google Video wont work, view The 2nd Bikin Vid here!

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