Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fell Off My Bike

Well this is a bit of a different post to usual, today readers I fell off my bike, now I know you are all shocked, as everyone knows how good I am on a bike. But as everyone knows even the pro's fall, so ye first I will share with you my bike before i go any further, so here it is...
There is my bike (click to enlarge) as you can see it has a Trek Bruiser frame, marzocchi bomber front forks (i dunno what model tho, so sorry to anybody who really wanted to know), rear hope hydraulic disc brakes etc, I did fall off a while back but it wasn't really that bad, but i knackered my back brake lever, so earlier on today i bodged it up with 2 elastic bands, works a treat..

Anyway now on to the more interesting part of today. Yes I fell off my bike, the joy, I actually consider my self lucky that I didn't smash all my teeth out of my face, but heres how it happened;

I was on my way back home from a small bike ride with my brother, and I was being a bit silly, and then we were goin down a very rocky road, which just so happened to be part of a stream, so it was slippy, and because it has been raining a lot recently that didn't really help, also, for some reason the road was nice and muddy, and I was prob goin summat like 15mph. so if you haven't gathered I was going down a rocky, muddy, wet and slippy road, and silly me decided to bunny-hop a stone in the middle of the road, little to my surprise, my wheel found a nice large rock to land on, I tried to avoid it, I failed, my wheel spun perpendicular to the way I was traveling, then I flew straight over my handle bars, n smashed my face on the rocky dirty floor. Nice ey?

So I shouted my bro, he came back up to me and sed "owch", then I set off home with blood streaming from my face, and poured what water we had left on my face n cuts. It had stopped bleeding a bit by the time we were back home, but you may be able to imagine what looked like.

Anyway the best bit; here is what I look like now...

Ha, and obviously falling like that makes your skin colour go a bit white, whereas usually im a well groomed well tanned, male :p . lol!

So get this, i get home n my dad says "don't go in the house like that, you'll get mud everywhere" so he then hands me the bucket n sponge he washes the car with, n makes me clean out myself in the back garden, charmin'.

Well sorry if i have waffled on a bit, but just thought id share this with you as I aint updated for a while. And THAT folks is what (can) happen when you fall off your bike! (please comment)


"You didn't fall off your bike, the bike fell from underneath you!" - quote Matty Garlick,

now the day after i still have scars, what a bummer, this is me being sad, with my scars even though i tried me best to not have them, ah well.. :(

As you can see my chin took most of the impact of the fall, thank god for that, the power of my almighty chin shines again!
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Anonymous hannah said...

oh josh u look horrible (but i suppose u always do anyway) so i wud just like 2 say well don bro nice one!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha mint fall and mint cuts and bruises to prove it well done josh true rider NO FEAR. Andy Armour

Anonymous Anonymous said...

u've just been pwnt by almighty nature, josh.

- Burl.

Anonymous Joe Firth said...

theres a little somethin on your face josh

oh wait, its the nature pwnage

Anonymous Smigers said...

Hey man, mint damage, u need 2 get a dirty big full face helmet, hows that for a suggestion lol.

Nah man, i feel for both ure chin n ure face and i hope they both recover real soon so we can go out n do sum more damage (that is metaphorical damage of course, im meaning to rip up sum serious trails, ive bin watchin biking vids and am now ready to throw maself at sum serious stuff lol)

Loadza love the Smiv man Smigers MEHHH!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pity the camcorder wasn't running for that one, eh!

Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

I remember not all that long ago when we were doing the jumps I said something like 'We should be in full protective gear for this kind of stuff'. Then you said 'No Ben, us champion bike riders don't need helmets and body armor to cramp our style!'

Well, I won't say it, but I will say...
Joo Nublet!


Anonymous King Stott said...

Sick wounds! Its a good job your chin is a separate entity from your face, otherwise that would have really hurt. Glad your dad was so understanding of the situation. You washing with a sponge and bucket on your driveway is a well funny image!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mint face josho, i know u will still say there is no need for a full face helmet but with a face like mine i cant take that risk. oh and i fell off cos of u an now devine retrobution has come and kicked your arse. BOOM, bitch

Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

YEAH JOSH. Whittam had the brains to wear my helmet in that video when he jumped us so if he fell off he'd break our noses with the visor. You see, an eye for an eye!


Anonymous bethany suthers said...

hiya josh
u look awful lol!!
u r crazy!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

got my own full face now ben. full facing it up, googles an every thin. boom shaka lack mat whitham

Anonymous Anonymous said...

get some stablisers