Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dead4's Halo Flash Movie

Recently Dead4 (otherwise known as Dave Burke) has created a flash movie called Halo Marine Tales its basicly a spoof of the game halo, a well known game originaly for x-box (i think). We are honoured that TheOldhamBros has been given permissions to host and promote this movie. Dave used to live over here in Rochdale, but his parents had the brains to move over to Canada last summer, over there he'll never run out of things to do, one of the things he enjoys is makin flash movis, this is his first major movie, so enjoy! and comment!

Click here to view Halo Marine Tales.
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Anonymous Jamo said...

Haha this is a great movie. Well done dave, its good animation, this site seems to be going very well :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

proper boss, top music too matt whitham

Anonymous Anonymous said...

josh, you should make the primary link to newgrounds so people can vote.

hah, the only reason it's made front page is cos of my sexy black guy. I KID. it deserves front page. but fuck, 100k views? that's alot and it's only been up a few days.

- burl

Anonymous Smigers said...

Hey boys, tell you wot, av jus laughed my arse off at this. Its brill, tell that guy 'dead4' to keep that shit up MEEEEEEEHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Ps. Lets BIKEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! lol