Saturday, June 17, 2006


So as Everyone all knows the world cup is here, England have won their first 2, we stuggled but 6 points we are going to qualify, but what will happen next I wonder. will we be playing germany in the 16's? if so that will be a hard match, we will have to wait till next tuesday to see waht happens. and theres me to the left bein a mint England fan!

Ive recently grown a liking to peter crouch n im goin in Oldham tomorow to get myself an england top with crouch on, cant wait, in the mean time here are some funny pictures were crouch owned trinidad n tobago, and a few from the friendlys before too...

crouch's trinidad & tobago goal, nice shot of the keeper, the poor fella dunt know whats happenin'.

Crouch letting loose his secret Weapon, the almighty Garden Hedge Trimmer Kick!

Crouch owns Brent Sancho, the Trinidadian defender.

That ref is gettin brave.

The Crouchbot Dance

now im not entirley sure what is goin on here, but it sure looks funny, what a guy.

So there you have it, everyone called him crap, but i never doubted him for a second. Crouch is englands secret weapon this year, and i say bring on the crouch!

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Blogger Yonner said...

and its "ingerland" not engerland :)