Sunday, July 09, 2006

50th Elvis Partay

Last night the Oldham Bros went to a 50th birthday party of our scouse Aunties, it was an elvis party, so we went dressed nothing like elvis at all, there was a few there that made the effort. so as you may have guesed, there was an elvis impersonator dancin n singin (left), we were in some sort of fort near the wirral in liverpool, in a room that I couldnt even stand up in.

This place also happened to be a Elvis and The Beatles Museum, that contained realy interesting stuff like lifesize cutouts of elvis (see below)

It was an overall goodnight, despite the scouse accents, rain, wind, corny Elvis memorabilia, bad music and not so nice beer. infact it was such a good night that we both ended up taking loads of pictures of ourselves doing stupid poses, here they are... (Click To Enlarge)

(this one is a minter)

I recon i make a mint elvis, dont I? :D

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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

Sounds like a load of laughs. Look better than the night I had anyway. Should have taken James Armstead, he loves Elvis. I don't.