Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bike Ride to Studley Pike

Yo, so the other day me n Ben Hep get on a bike ride, propper sunny n dead hot, over 30 degrees, anyway, so were goin along the pennine way and we took a few pictures i rec they were pretty good.

Then all of a sudden, when we were happily minding our own bussiness a massive lighting storm comes out of nowere n starts firing thunderbolts all over the hill's in the distance, pretty crazy, so heres a (non-edited) picture from the lighting storm.

(Your not aloud to look at the reflection in the stream on that pic)

anyway ye sothat was a bike ride, let us know if these are a bit too boring n ill make them more interesting if i can


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you look so stupid haha imature or what !

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a knob

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you look cool ;)

Hahaaa NOT


Blogger Josho said...

i'd like to see you do better pictures than that ANONYMOUS!!

actually you probably could do better.

NOT haha

im such a funny guy