Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Black Hill Ride

Yesterday the bike riders took on the black hill in the peak district it was a tough ride, which lasted 10 hours, but it was well worth it here is the story of our trip.

We set off and met up at the Waggon in Newhey at 9am on Wednesday, and when everybody we set off up huddersfield road and we were already all completely knackered. but we soon caught our energy back as we passed a llama farm, and one in particular llama took a liking to us and wouldn't stop following us. we keep on going, and soon approached the black hill on terrain that you couldn't ride across so we ended up carrying our bikes most of the way. but finally after an hour of perseverance we got to the top and the hill's trig point warmly welcomed us (left).

After our dinner break we could not decide which route to take down from there on, and just flipped a coin and headed down a path which at first looked alright, but then it turned into the path of our nightmares, just miles of loose rocks, we didnt think that the name of the place "Laddow rocks" meant that the place was literally just made out of pure rocks, so on we traipse down the endless Pennine Way and see some lovely scenery,

Because of my obsession for trig points i forced the troops to drop the bikes n trek over a load of hills to get this trig point which must be the worst trig ever made, although it had a nice coat of fresh paint on it (right), which was quite cool, and after we touched it we headed off back to our bikes.

Crowden, a place which consisted of a youth hostel and a camp site, was in our sights now and we were all running out of water, so we stocked up at a nearby waterfall, and the water was quite good. we finally get there and then have just another 6 miles of road to go down before we reached the train station were we realized how sun burnt we all were, enjoyed the comfort of the floor and eventually set off home.

And there you have it that was our bike ride to the black hill, a very good day, but i do not think we shall be doin it again for a long time. a map will be produced soon for anybody stupid enough (ste :p) to try this route out for them selves.

Hope you enjoyed the story, byeee...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think the llama is the best looking out of you all !

Anonymous Anonymous said...

then u odviously want knocking out then