Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Failed Bike Ride to Knowl Hill

Ok, its story time! (you can click the links for pictures)

On Monday us 5 bike riders set off on an adventure to Knowl Hill, so were on the way and get a bit lost, so took the opportunity to sit and eat our dinner, and matty squashed a poor little bug, Eventually my superior navigation skills, and in-brain-built GPS found us back on the right route again. As we are going along a huge thorn bush decides to attack me and scratched my arm, so i burnt it down n started a forest fire.

Now we start to climb up a nice 3 mile ascent, were we stop off for a group picture, and we had quite a nice view over Rochdale, and then cows in the opposite field started to get busy and we decided to move on as the cows were giving us aggrresive looks.

Further up the hill now and as we get closer to our destination, smiv's derailleur on his bike decided to snap off, gutted we turned round and had a good view of Rawtenstall and the rain heading towards us. we then had about 8 miles to travel with smivs bike non functional. but we head back nevertheless. took a long time, and we took a break, and matt n ben decided to go to some moshers house called claire n steal some crisps off her.

Home sweet home eventually gets close and the bike ride had failed.

Alas, you can rest assure, we WILL have you one day Knowl Hill....


upon request of the route i have put a map together of the route i remember taking, it may not be the easyest of maps to follow buit its here if you want to look at it, but first ill explain the key of it.

The big blue cross is where we started (my house, bottom right corner) and the red cross is where we had to turn round (top left corner) as the derailleur on smivs bike went. As you can see from the picture we were very close to knowl hill (middley left).

click the picture for the route (marked in red)

*WARNING* Image is VERY big and will take A LONG TIME TO LOAD but just bear with it and youl be fine.

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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

Bike rider nublets. Never had a derailleur fall off mine! And my chain is 3/4 inches wider than yours! PWNT!

Hahaha ahhh I don't half talk some rubbish sometimes, makes me laugh at myself it does.


Anonymous mat kirk said...

in the picture of knowl hill, which hill is knowl hill, cos i see the red lumb, which i ran up like a pr0 gamer.

i love the picture of the forest fire josh, n i love bens face as hes eating crisps, just like a little boy

Blogger Josho said...

This is knowl hill (click here)

it comes from the term knoll which means a mound of somthing. :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

please could you post the route you went on to get to Knowl Hill, therefore other people can try

Blogger Josho said...

yes Anonymous i have posted the route so you can look at it now, but in the future, it is helpfull if you use a name to refer to you by!

thanksyou, let us know what you think of the route!


Anonymous Ste said...

cheers 4 postin the route i'll try it sum time, it's ste by thw way.

Blogger Josho said...

yo ste man, nice to see you have an interest, its a pretty good idea actually, ill have to start putting up routes when we do good rides again