Saturday, July 15, 2006

GTA Meets The Oldham Bros

Yes i hear you all, and i hear the words, why havent you amde any videos for a while, and the answer to that question, is that im too lazy..

but summaer is here now, and i have a few ideas for some videos we can do, and jamo and his mates have put a teaser trailer together which was initially for some drama homework, but it could be taken further. its just about GTA really, itl be good when its done, be expecting alot more videos over the summer!

Click here to watch the GTA Teaser Trailer

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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

Very nice Jamo, I especially liked the effort you put into the walk to make it more realistic. Nice work lads.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good, i liked the end bit after the lad got shot. As you may or may not b aware, thre is in fact already a gta movie, and i believe u may be breaking copyright

Blogger Josho said...

ah well what a shame, however, i dont think there is a rule in copyright against naming your creations the same as somebody elses.

even so, id just kick off if any one tried to pull anything dodgy with copyright one me. so i think its safe to say, im safe from those laws.