Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hannah's Fish Died

today has been a sad day my sister hannah's fish named tiny died. It was due to the abuse and torment inflicted upon the poor thing, and also the lack of being fed.

He lived a good life did tim, his life-span almost reaching a year now, his life was changed round when my sister won him at a stall of some kind at a carnival, going from a plastic food bag into a glorious tank, that was never cleaned.

Poor tony is now buried in the back garden rotting away, maybe one day he will come back re-encarnated as another fish.

R.I.P Tommy


TheOldhamBros x x x

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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

I know it's mean, but I laughed at the end of that simply because of all the names you used.

I reckon you should go and win her a new one Josh, be the hero of a big brother you're meant to be...

...or something like that.