Monday, July 03, 2006

Its Over...

Yes its over no more world cup dreams for everyone, Rooney spoilt everthing for us on saturday, if only crouch was on since the beggining, that was the best we played the whole world cup, when rooney got sent off and we were down to 10 men. I hope everyone who owns a No.9 Rooney top will now burn them. and also im awaiting the assasination of CRonaldo...

Ah well theres always the Euro in 2 years or the EuroVision next year, just not quite the same is it?

so peter crouch got on, and everything changed, here are some celebratory pictures in aid of Crouches efforts:

Click here to see more of the crouch pics

You may have seen some of them in a Nuts mag or sumamt like that, i hear they are pretty big now.

i aint posted for well over a week and thought id just talk about england n stuff,

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Rite im off to college, bye! and dont forget to comment!
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Anonymous Mat Kirk said...

them crouch pictures are mint.

Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

I especially liked the wind mill one, that cracked me up some what.