Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Josho's Partay

So there was a gathering in the back garden for my 17th birthday woohoo, it was buzzin, a few slight problems arose, like setting my garden on fire, and melting the electric cabling for my lights. and then these coppers came round as they had an annonymous complaint from some gay neigbour, who reconed we were being to loud, and i was stood there like "I swear officer i never seen it before!?" they soon left after i threatened to kick off with them, and then Smiv chipped matt whitham's tooth who is now known a goofy or Daggett etc. or whatever other names you want to call him. so in a nutshell it was a good night and you can see on the picture above a few of the people that were there. anyway, tis a sunny day, and im off out to enjoy it!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

sick party- matt whitham