Monday, July 17, 2006

Looking Back...

As we look back over the years of primary school, high school and the first year of college, we all have many tales to tell of the mischief we all caused, wheather it was stealing Mr Watson's door sign or bullying the homelessnessness. You can see the pictures and videos of holly high in the pics and movies sections if you havent already seen them.

so we all got to colelge which just amplified all our mischeif as it had no rules or restrictions, so in aid of these the good times here are a few pictures I have gathered showing the fun we had at college. (click to enlarge)

There you have it that about sums the year of college up.

Auf wiedersehen!
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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

I still have that door sign. Ahhh I remember the big deal people made when they found out it was me. Mr Watson found out and tried to bollock me and I was like 'prove it'. There was only two people knew I had it. You saw it on the way out when I showed you and Robert Aston that was my lookout on the corridor when we got kicked out of Biology (held in English) so I could unscrew all 8 screws from both of the signs without Mr Watson, who was sat inside, hearing us.

I then had to slide it into a secret pocket in my blazer so it went right down inside it to the bottom and the top had to be tooked under my armpit. 'Assistant Head Teacher' looks alot shorter on the wall than it does digging into your arm.

I just had to do something before I left that nobody else will have done before. Good times eh, good times.