Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rebels Do '05 Pics

(sorry, videos will be coming soon, even though in the post it says click for videos, there arnt any quite at the moment, so just ignore thigns that say click for videos for the timebeing)

A long while back we threw a party when we left school for us people that wernt aloud to the real leavers party coz of being suspended , or people who dint wana go etc, also the night after we held a ceremonial re-enactment of bableplatz (burning of the books and other school stuff). here are a few pics from the night... (to watch the video of the night, click here)

Here is a crusifix were we made a dummy out of school uniform, n set it on fire, this is on the video, click here to view.

watch the video of the night here!
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