Thursday, July 27, 2006


Well as most people now know i am a dedicated "Trigger", it is a sport that only the most manly people can have the privilege in participating in. i have mentioned trigging before but foe those of you who dont have a clue, read the next paragraph, those of you who already know what triggin is just skip the next paragraph.

So for those of you who don't have a clue what soever to what trigs actually are, basically they are concrete slabs in the ground, you usually find them on top of hills, they are other wise known as triangulation points/pillars which were first made in 1935, and help with the drawing of maps, so everything is accurate and to scale, etc. So trigging, is basically a sport made and the objective is to touch trig points in the uk, and with a little help from google earth and a website called to get all 6,282 of them isn't as hard as it sounds, i figured if a get 1 per day it will only take me 18 years to get every single one. there ain't many people who can say they have touched all the trig points in the uk.

Now we all know what trigs are lets begin. currently today i am at 16, i have started a pictures page where you can view all the trigs i have been to, and see how many i am currently at, make sure you keep checkin there to see how im doing!

click here to see how me and my trigs are doin.

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