Thursday, August 17, 2006

Results Day

Today is a special day for those who care about their future career/life, so it didnt really concern me, however i still went in to collect my results nevertheless (out of curiosity). and to my surprise this is what i achieved:

I was quite surprised to say the least, especially when i looked at the next sheet, which shows me the individual marks of each paper, more closely which read this:

Yes apparently 1 B, 1 C, 2 D's and 1 E averages at a B! well im not complaining. Either some one has miscalculated or, they have a strange way of doin stuff. I remember computing was just the biggest yawn ever, everybody in the exam hall finished their exam with an hour to spare, and a C will do me for that, id say i did quite well for the effort i put in, i thought I were gonna get worse than that, not like i did as good as some people, who got all straight A's, the little boffs.

I have a good idea why dont you all comment below and congratulate me on how well i did, because commenting is a fun thing to do! rite? so get to it, click "post a comment" below, it is in bold white lettering and it is underlined, so you know, just go for it!
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Blogger _Chipwiz_Ben_ said...

Pretty good results for A levels I must say, especially for maths since from what I've heard they're solid. Well done Josho. I would tell you my BTEC results but I don't want to make you all feel noobish - or the fact I'll become a bully victim :-D


Blogger Yonner said...

ha, nice choice of words in your opening lines. very funny. but yeah congratulations on your [under]achievement. You are destined for [sub]greatness I'm sure. I bet your mother is [sub]thrilled for you.

Blogger Josho said...

thankyou :)

Blogger burleigh said...

now yer must get ure arse in grear and get AAA for your final exams, beucase you could easily do it.

Anonymous Garlick said...

BOOOOOOOO! I got BCD and it was enough for me to get into Leeds XD Congrats Josh u lazy son bitch lol. Need some bike ride soon coz half the crew will be dispersing and i doubt we'll ever see smiv again. What with all them sheep AND jenny goin Wales.. fcukin el! Bangor will earn its name fo sho!

Garlick :D

Blogger Josho said...

i appreciate all of your enthusiasm yet again i am out of content to post, sorry everybody.

but im gad your all proud of my results, (i did work really hard for them)

sorry about lack of up to date content, bin a bit busy, n been forgetin to take pictures, and im off again toomrow in the morning, so there wont be posting for another week im afraid!