Monday, August 14, 2006

We're Back!

Hello everybody, long time no speak I can now gladly say... Yes The Oldham Bros are back off holiday! and so now were back to the usual posting, if i can get back into the routine. well now more about France, its a pretty bob country thats made out of fields bushes, and roads, no hills so no good for proper bike riding, however the weather is usually nice, but the sun just usually takes everything out of you and all you can do is lie down or relax swim n eat bread, so it was quite a relaxing 2 weeks.

I've picked out a few pictures to that are the better ones for you to look at below, but if you wanna see some more you can check these ones here in the pics section.

well there you havit! woohoo, welcome home me!
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Anonymous nik said...

omg jamo u smoke ???????

Blogger Josho said...


he tries