Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Chistmas Begins

well well look at the time of year, its only 19 more days now till Christmas, so i decided ill have to do something special, I'm gonna post more than usual now. when you see that Milnrow has made the effort this year with its lights, and Shaw has made an extra special effort with its wonderful Christmas tree, i feel compelled to make even more of an effort. so I'm gonna be takin silly pictures of things i see related to Christmas n stuff, n put them up here, also i think ill have a new video made for you at some point AND EVEN ill show you what we got on Christmas day! i bet you cant wait to see that, it will be amazing...

so now to get into the real Christmas spirit here is a little nativity video that i found rather funny, its from the 1960's.

I hope everyone has all their presents sorted for this crimbo, because i haven't! see ya.
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