Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Deco Of The Day

Rite now its time to take pictures of all the wonderful Christmas decorations up and around Greater Manchester, so i'm gonna Be taking my camera round and showing you the best Christmas decorations and lights etc of my day.

And today i begin with Oldham Sixth Form's well decorated reception desk which uses the constructive idea of using toilet paper, to create a snow effect and people such as my pal mat kirk were at a lack of toilet paper in the college toilets due to this, unlucky! however the tree is quite impressive...

and so Oldham Sixth Form wins the Christmas decoration of the day. well done!

if you wish to enter your house in "Christmas decorations of the day" then email me josholdham *AT* gmail *dot* com (btw i have wrote it like that to prevent spam)

2 weeks to go! ho ho ho, cheerio!
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Blogger Yonner said...

josh, you need to stand in shot on this photos with your thumbs up or something