Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Video!

One week until Christmas now! can't wait! We have been working hard on a little Christmas movie for this year, which is made up of lots of film that has been took from up to 5 years ago and some more recent, of stuff we have been up to and that sort of stuff. any way


To your left is a little something you could use as your desktop if you are really sad, i think its pretty cool so i may set it as my desktop, i am not sad, honest.

so time for some more decorations from up and around Milnrow, and today's contestants are...

Matt Whithams House situated on Bent Gate Street, he thinks he stands a chance with his entry scoring a poor 5/10, however it is a good attempt but just not good enough to beat some of the other lights in Milnrow, thanks for trying Matt!
Oldham Shopping Center "Spindles" has a really gotten into the festive spirit this year, once again outdoing themselves by using traditional polar bears and Santa's little walrus, (sarcasm). I don't think Oldham are aloud to be festive or celebrate Christmas in any way or it will just get bombed by the al qaeda or something. even though its a good display, becasue it just does not represent any form of traditional Christmas stuff it scores 1/10.

hope your all keeping up with your advent calendars! 1 week to go woooooo, byeee
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Blogger Yonner said...

ha, very entertaining!