Friday, December 15, 2006

More Christmas Decorations!

My Internets been playing up recently so its been quite the pain not being able to show you all the best Christmas lights around town, so now i'm gonna have to show you 3 different ones. to make up for the time Ive lost

In First place we have Hurstead Rd, Milnrow, with some stupidly mad lights. scoring 9.5/10

In Second place we have Slaidburn Close, Milnrow, with a giant snowman and a blowup "crystal ball" type thing which snowed inside its self on top of the little Santa and snowman inside, it was magic, wow. very good but not quite it 6.5/10

And in last Place today we have Shaw's pride and joy, the pathetic excuse of a village Christmas tree... and it was raining. scoring big fat 0/10

well there you have it, if you live near Shaw and haven't seen this tree yet, i highly recommend going seeing it for yourself, as it is much funnier in real life.

and today my cousin's fiance Hannah suggested straightening my hair, n so i sed ye why not, itl be fun. so it looks cool, however i'm getting my hair cut tomorrow.

but anyway here i am first with my long normal hair and 5 chins,

With straightened hair...

dont i look so cool, i think its a new look for me, soo goood! chow!
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Blogger Yonner said...

uncle ronnie pwns this post

Anonymous Anonymous said...

we prefer curly hair on you :P

but not curly chins

so yeah much loveage

rach rosie zoe sarah and laura

Blogger Josho said...

cool ill bear that in mind rach rosie zoe sarah and laura, whomever rach, rosie zoe, sarah and laura you maybe?!!


Blogger art, life, clothes and things said...

curly hair is best , ciao :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Curly is best, ciao :)