Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nose Trumpet Symphony

Ok so this one sounds a little weird, but you know, i decided i HAVE to post on it coz its rather funny. Anyway, for those of you who dont know, this guy on the left is Yonner, my 2nd cousin has created an ingenious video, using his nose, entitled the "Nose Trumpet Symphony" and hes becoming quite the celebrity in a few newspapers (M.E.N. & The METRO), and now even the sun want him featured, the video was originally featured on a series from channel4 called "HomemadeTV" that's on on a Saturday afternoon. and his fame has lead him to many things one of which is a live interview and performance on Channel M.

It is all rather very funny and a very good read and watch, if you have a spare half an hour you should check out "The Story So Far" on his website .

But if you don't have the time to have a good laugh, because you have something else really boring that you think will be more worth your time, then ill cut a long story short...:

Watch the initial video here:
Click to view the Nose Trumpet Symphony

Look at the newspaper cutting from the MEN he is in

Watch him in a live interview and PERFORM LIVE! on channel M


Make sure to check his website out regularly, he always has some weird and wonderful things happening to him!

And well that's about it, however if something else happens to him, ill probably update this post with what happens to him, so make sure you keep checkin' back for some more funny updated news stuff! but for the time being make sure you leave a comment for him to read and whatnot.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yonner is a legend. proper mint guy. i find him well funny- matt whitham

Anonymous Mat Kirk said...

thats proper mint. impressive.

Blogger Jamo said...

Haha what a guy, I am proud. The video is funny at the end when he says "I thank you, I thank you"

Blogger Yonner said...

i thank you
i thank you
:) cheers josho

Blogger Smigers said...

No way....that is well mint...ive jus watched the interview on channel M or woteva it is 2....pure class. Hope to meet this mighty yonner some day, keep it up mate