Monday, February 05, 2007

New Bike, Woo!

Well what can i say except woooooooo!? ive just spent about 450 squid on my bike gettin a new frame seatpost, grips, ceramic brake pads and a few other things. you can see me in this cool picture on the left me in my new gear on the new bike (click to enlarge). How good? i think the answer is well mintly good!

so when i got home from collegetoday at about 1:30 i went out on me bike on a little test ride, n entertaining myself for 3 hours takin pictures of it, n so ive just got home like n made a little gallery for you to look at.

Click Here to view the gallery of my New Bike

and whilst your here and your all like "WOWOMFGLMAOROFLOL" you may as well look at some more pr0 pics of me on the bike, so here you go (click to enlarge)

And this is one i drew for no reason, when i got bored, (its of my old bike but its relevant to the post sorta) i like it...
hope you like, and i know your all dying to comment on how cool my new bike is!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool bike

Blogger Yonner said...

nice one josh. like the gallery. didn't know you could take good photos like that. happy bike day!

Blogger Josho said...