Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ye Pancake Day

Yeyyyy, its actually a day that people look forward too, and so we all should, its pancake day, and whats better than a good ol' ye pancake on ye ol' rainy day? pancake Tuesday, what a brilliant invention, god bless god, for inventing Christianity and therefore inventing such o ye day like ye Christmas, Easter, pancake day and whatever other days there are if there are any

To the left is one of the dishes i prepared for my self for my tea today, i call it "ye ol pancake o' ye bananan an' ye ice-cream" ill teach you how to make one for your very own self below:


make ye pancake, put ye pancake on ye plate, get ye knife, cut ye bananana, put ye bananana on ye pancake, get ye ice-cream, place ye ice cream on ye pancake, fold ye pancake into ye edible shape, eat ye pancake, lick up ye mess, and ye enjoy!

there you have "ye ol pancake o' ye bananan an' ye ice-cream"

boy i can't wait till national book day! just one more question i leave ye with before thou ist to leave, please leave ye answer in thout comments....

Thou find ye self at ye grassy crossroads, thouest see-est thine wooden sign, thine sign sayeth the village o Westerberg lieth east, thee thinkly thuckuled woods lieth to ye east, an to thy north liest thou art ye ol monastery, what dost thoust do?

10 points for the correct answer!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Smigers said...

One would take his person to the woods and findeth the sickest of thee trails of thine wood. Thou would then proceed to ride all of the liveth longeth dayeth on berms and thine righteous drop-offs. Following this thou would taketh thee bike to thine lowly village of Westerburg and defeat the dark lord through major essence of wheelyage. Following the triumph thou would go yondeth back to thine monsatary and seek a place to rest thine head and polish thine bike.....the end

Blogger Smigers said...

ps. Like the post on pancakes....i had some today and they were gorgeous hehe


Anonymous ye old ste said...

Thou hast cast a darkly provocation upon thine thinking box. The brustle of witchcrafthly wind blows to west! I take my compass from thine head, and marketh the path to the east, not before i take the wooded sign for thine own pleasure. as i walk under the green pillow, it's supports entangle demons of the shadows, i use mine cunning to climb upon thy pillow of green and float to the wooded end. As thou prances along the cloud thy see-eth the gallows of the heathens in the not short close, and i laugh, as whom but a fool would thred to thine monastary! As i reach the end of wood, the cloud begins to turn as dark as an ox in spring. thou hast to find a suitable hood, to hide from the gaze of an angry god. upon a brook there lies a cavern, where upon which i enter.......... as the God lowers his tempetious nature, the warm globe begins to shine. i head upon the path to Westerberg, and buy some fruit divine. i aslo exchange some yellow disks for sum shapely bread and butter, and go to ye old inn, where i meet the local nutter. he-eth whine and strive upon some provocation of his, till i calm him with a piece of bread, i then leave the inn, and head to home, where i transform into a duck, and fly through yonder window

Blogger Yonner said...

ye is gross

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yum yum bosy i bet it was yumey in yur tumey kaye jenkinsk

Blogger Josho said...

it sure was yummy kaye, and what ar eyou doing up at half past 10 at night, its wey past ur bedtime, get to bed, for those seeking out the answer to the riddle, all will be revealed in the next post.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

get the trig there is the answear i rek-whitham