Monday, March 26, 2007

First Bike Ride Of 07!

woo, finally, as i have got my new bike the other month i have not had chance to test it out because no one is ever available to go on rides coz of uni. stupid place. but alas i final did get a chance to test it out, and it was sure tested, definitely one of the best bike rides ive been on, which included one of the best down hill stretches, the steepest uphill stretches ive been on, the weather was brilliant, i think i even got sunburnt but im to tired to find out now. well good!

So ye thats us at the white house pub at the top of Blackstone edge, your probably wondering what on earth the pants/shorts are that i am wearing, and the truth is i don't know, all i know is they look funny. agree? of course! anyway, the story goes as follows:

My tyre had already popped, then kyle's inner tube popped also, which took him about 6 years to fix, i jumped in a peat bog ,then smiv fell off his bike, then mattys inner tube popped, kyle is still fixing his bike, then we went and looked upon all the dyke's who live in hebden bridge, then we went up a ridiculously steep hill, kyle is still fixing his bike, then wooo, we got a trigpoint, then went down some well good downhill, and came home down the canal through littleborough kyle is still fixing his bike, then we came home and eat alot of food. END!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

which way did u go up, up the old road or the new one? i go up there every time i go work, that fuckin hill is a prick lol - ste

Anonymous Matty Garlick said...

What a bike ride it was. Best one in a long time. A maaaassive tests of fitness and endurance, and also revealed the knob-ness of Josh, who insisted we ride up Mt Everest to get a trig. However a great sense of achievment at the end. Cheers Josh :)

Well done us :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LAAATTTTEEEEEE!!!!!!! you are my hero 2 josh, I think you a very talented young boy, if only you did ur homework you could be the next Pythagoras, you could become the number ONEEEEEEEEEE!!!! in the class and replace my lovechild waquas!
yours mathematically
Dr Andrew john Preston

Blogger Josho said...

:D cheers matty

Ste man! dont you work at that place at the bottom of blackstonedge, n you go up the hill at rakewood farm? but anyway this is the hill we went up near hebden bridge >CLICK HERE to see it.

just as a bit of a comparison, i think this is the hill you are going on about. the one near the back of the lake? however i may be wrong, but here it is anyway... CLICK HERE to see that one.

hows your bike for condition ste, thought you sed it was broke, or is it fixed now, lookin at some rides this easter, ill give you a ring, if we get some decent weather n that.

and its good to know im ur hero Dr Andrew Preston, as im very sure it is the real person posting not martin or some other fool posing. good to know im ur hero, my mum cant wait to speak to you at parents evening!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ye, ma bike's fixed now, i av 2 go up 2 the whitehouse, then round to the side to get to work. ye sure give us a ring if ur goin on one. -ste

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wer yu tiyerd joch and therstey i happy eastr from the jenkins
kaye jenkins

Blogger Smigers said...

How funny do I look in a ditch, that were jus silly, that were one immense downhill tho, as josh says, one of the best ever and i fully agree. My new bike is performing better than i ever could have imagined (aside from the weight factor) despite me actually plummeting from my bike a total of 3 times that ride haha.

It has to be said though, I will destroy josh if he ever takes us up a hill like that again, no matter how promising the DH on the other side, ill quote garlick in saying thanks for the challenge buts its one of those once in a life time challenges, never to be repeated lmao.

Anyways, av already said too much but wotta ace ride and a mint post again josho "....and kyle is still fixing his bike....."