Sunday, March 18, 2007

Good Old Paddy

Eee, good old patrick, the irish are funny especially drunk Irish people when you cant tell what they are saying even more so then when they arnt drunk in the first place.

so i robbed a load of badges that, completely describe me in every way possible (left, click to enlarge) its night again, and im very tired, and its mothers day in the morning when i get up, this weekend is just silly really, red nose day, St. Patrick's day & mothers day! talk about craziness man!.

Guinness rules!

yawn, im tired, i would tell you about how Patrick got himself a day named after him but i cant be bothered!

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Blogger Smigers said...

How lazy are you Josh....n theres me wantin a fab essay bowt the man himself.....the guy who has a day of drinking dedicated to him haha. Sort burl owt wud ya....wotta gay. Ure darn rite bowt everythin being at the same time tho. My mums bday were earlier this week, then mothers day, then i decided to buy my easter eggs skint.....laaaadz....ahh well....EASTER HOLS COMMENCIN FRIDAY N ALL THE RIDES I CAN EAT!!! LAAAADZ

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yu not lazy josh your hansom and fun and good fun to be with kj