Saturday, March 17, 2007

Red Nose Day!

Yeah, red nose day has just been and gone, and here i am at 3 in the mornin posting this message, and that stupid picture is what i do when im tired. and im flippin knackered, some of the stuff they do for comic relief is just too funny, i was in tears at one point with laughter (at harry hill's best of TV burp) , what a brilliant show!

But yeah, my mum got me a nose, and this year they went all out designing them, they are brilliant! they come in a little box and when you open them they expand in size, and you even get a free piece of chocolate and some stickers with it, you can see what my nose looked like on the left.

hmm, comic relief is good, i hope you all have donated money! click here to go to the Red Nose Day website and donate something, it really does go to a good cause you know!

anyway i am tired and disappointed that no one turned up to The Oldham Bros 1 year old party last night! :( - so now im gonna go bed, night!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

sphlarghahkjwaehjsad first comment. - burl.

p.s i wish all these celebrities would just donate their own money rather than doing a public charity fund or something.

Blogger Josho said...

you fool, "these celebrities" donate alot more than you, you idiot. they donate their money and their time to go out of their way to make a good night happen and they dont get paid to do it, so don't moan about them. what did you do for red nose day burl?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

he decided to be a big red faggot for his life. exept not a red one. them celebs donate a lot of money burl and with out them helpin the show no one would watch it or donate.- matt whitham