Thursday, March 22, 2007

They Rock!

Thats right its Boff Award No. 2 for Jamo! he recently took part in some lame music competition and probably won or somthing like that, and rochdale observer felt really creative with their two word slogan of "We Rock" (see pic). They, like, really do rock man!

so as far as my family appearances in the newspaper goes its:

Jamo - 2
Pastor Johno - 1
Yonner - to many times to count
Josho - 0

Hmm, i wonder why i have not been in the paper, well i probably have at one point, because of some super cool swimming award thing when i was 8 or something, you know the sort of stories that get published when they have had a really boring news week.

i mite go blow up some stuff, n confess, that would maybe get my face in the Rochdale observer, unless they were to busy putting people winning music festivals in there.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yu rock jhoch all nit long kaye jenkins

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wat a but me joche kaye jenkinsk

Blogger Josho said...

yes im sure you rock too kaye, however its james who rocks not me and you spell my name "Josh" not "joche" !