Saturday, March 24, 2007

Vallas & Wales

As everybody in the world knows Jamo is a band called Vallas. but what everybody doesn't know is that now he isn't in it any more! he played his last gig last night at the Milnrow working mens club, for an 18th birthday party. aww what a shame, no more Vallas for Jamo :( . So that was what happened last night!

But then becasue the fool booked himself on a weekend away holiday, and he was meant to be going yesterday afternoon, but he was meant to be playing the drums in his band! he didn't go to his weekend away, he played drums instead!, now thats commitment!

however thats not the end of the story, he didn't cancel his holiday, he just had our father drive him to wales, which meant getting up at 4am in the morning, driving him to wales eating a delicious breakfast of spaghetti hoops, bacon and fried bread. on the way i saw a sunset which is something you rarely see as your always in bed at this time, it was a pretty sunset. I also discovered that the car wing mirrors needed cleaning.

wow wasn't that a fun journey, NOT, i also took a few pictures of the scenery in wales, only one word describes it...

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Blogger Yonner said...

ha, you clown. its sunRISE not sunSET

Blogger Josho said...

haha, ohhh yeahhh, i forgot about that one, you know what i meant anyway! so its riiiiiiite!