Tuesday, April 24, 2007

College, Football and Ky

Football is a truly good sport, and you cant beat it on a lovely sunny day when your in college with your pals and have a football handy, a park nearby, and some form of ninja called Ky around to jump 7 feet in the air and score goals(see below). it passes time rather well! football is a good game, speaking of which come on Liverpool for tomorrow in the match against Chelsea. everyone should play football and ride bikes if you ask me. which brings me to my conclusion of the post

bike riding + playing football - work = happy life

thats my formula for a happy life. its patented, so don't steal it or ill steal you or your parents car dust caps and use them on my bike. and i don't mess. whatev. bye!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hav you got the fote schils josh i bet you have if you dow you can tech me and my dog moses to kaye jenkins