Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Milnrow NightLife

At the weekend we had a night out on Milnrow, which i haven't done before, it was quite the laugh, starting at the John Milne at the south end of Milnrow working our way up to The Gallows at the other end, and then finished of with a good old kebab from Tariqs. im posting coz i haven't for a week now, and im going on a biking holiday at 7 in the morning (Tuesday 3rd April morning) so i shouldn't really be here now, i should be asleep. anyway its going to be well good.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hop yu in joyd yor bike rid nis to spek to yu all on the fon kaye jenkins

Blogger Smigers said...

Hey man....im liking the main pic but i cannot get onto the gallery for some reason. Cant wait to see ure post on the peaks.....wota mint ride, im still aching n its bin 2 days now hehe, neways hope 2 see you laters josho, smiv

Blogger Josho said...

cheers smiv :D iv fixed it now try it again if u wish, the peaks post will be soon!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bawt me josho kaye jenkins