Monday, April 09, 2007

The Oldham Bros Magazine

This month, is a super special month because it is now the time for the official release of the one and only new Oldham Bros Magazine.

Containing cool characters as sketches such as Joshoman and Jamobot (pictured left).

We spent lots of time thinking about our magazine, and here it is finally, available to you on the web! wow like cool!

Inside you will find different stories some with a message of seriousnessnes and others just to make you chuckle.

The plan is to keep the magazine going, and producing a new issue once every few months or so.

anyway enough of this blabber!

Click Here to read the magazine

we are always looking for new ideas and stories for us to publish so if you think of anything just let us know in the comments or email!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

put me in it that wud be brileant if yu cod thancs kaye jenkins

Blogger Josho said...

maybe one day

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Yonner said...

I can't believe you actually completed a full episode. good work boys. very smile-worthy. I can't believe joshoman has shiny boxing gloves on!

Anonymous Matty Garlick said...

Anyone heard anything from Kaye Jenkins? Its like shes dissappeared from the face of the earth

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yor frend is beying horebal to and hi snaem is matty garlick sor it aut for me boys ples kaye jenkinsk

Blogger Marco Luten said...

hey guys! nicely done ;) Cheers!