Sunday, May 06, 2007

Alton Towers

The Oldham Bros invaded Alton Towers on Saturday this week, it was well fun. its the first time I've ever been, and it was good, it was very busy tho, since it was May bank holiday weekend and we only went on 7 rides in the space of 7 hours! madness!

Log flumes are obviously the best rides on theme parks, i dnot know why but they just are. flying though the air at 100kph accelerating at 4.7G's just doesn't quite beat floating down a large pipe in a bathtub.

Anyway you can see us on the log flume (pictured left: click to enlarge) yes we do look a bit like spastics, but i can assure you we are putting it on.

Rite well I've had enough of blabbering now, and I'm bored because I WANT TO WATCH SPIDERMAN 3 so badly. heres another picture of us at Alton Towers. having fun at base camp. and thats about it for now! b-bye.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is soo funey boys i iam goowing ther whithe school in bording i bet si funn ther i am cuming up to see you in the holdaes that wel be god fun to see you a gan love kaye
ps hi hanna and jon and wendey

Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol @ you. hahahaha - matt whitham

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention the highlight of the day... was meetin me!!! tehe!!!!

great to see you guys... to scream hello n wave like loonies to each other from the otherside of the log flume!!!!!

TOBY MAC!!!!! rocked that stage!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yeh!!! just incase u hadnt of guessed the last comment... was from teh lovely Jennie

Blogger Josho said...

haha, ye jen i guessed it were u! glad u stopped by! ill prob see u soon wont I. ye was a good day!