Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eurovision 2007

Wow, well what can i say, its possibly the best event of the year, such an exciting non-political time which really brings all of Europe together, and shows how a really nice continent we all make.


Possibly actually the worst event of the year "You don't know weather to laugh or cry." (Quote Sir Terry Wogan). Its so lame i think you have to laugh, it wouldn't quite be the same without him doing the commentary, if he didn't i think a lot of people in Britain would have committed suicide tonight. anyway enough with this blabber down to what we all want to see. the results!

for once Great Britain didn't finish last, and we got some points this year! a grand total of 19 which put us in second to last position, possibly a record for the UK? the UK entry this year showed the English music industry at its best with the well known band "Scooch".

The winner this year was this horrible mess, some stupid ugly fat foreign Serbian dyke...
(WARNING: don't look at this following picture for too long)

It actually pains me to look at her. this sort of rubbish just reminds me of how foreign people are all freaks, and it makes me glad that I'm British and not one of them.

It was probably the worst song I've ever heard. There is something seriously up with Europe.

Tip Of The Week: Get out whilst you still can!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i stayed up to watch it pity england didnt win i am disappointed kaye

Anonymous Anonymous said...

tht women loooks like nadia off BB. u know. the man one. - matt whitham