Monday, May 21, 2007

Janet's 50th

Yes happy birthday to Janet Lowe everybody this weekend she had a surprise party prepared for her at the Milnrow Cricket Club. and it all went well! she was fooled until the last second, ill tell you the story behind it, so if anybody else wants to do a surprise party you can do the same!

A week before the event my parents rang up Janet inviting her out for a meal on Saturday night. and so then come Saturday night and my parents go to pick up Janet and Ian, and say "oh, we haven't got the table booked until 8, and I need to go down to the cricket club to ask about Josh's (my) 18th, why don't we go for a drink whilst we are there?". "Ok" replies Janet! so they walk in and Janet walks in first, and we turn all the lights off hit the spotlights facing them and then everybody shouted "happy birthday!". and she was very surprised! it was brill! :D.

And i had to prepare music for the disco, which was ok at first. but then near the end of the night, people kept approaching me asking me if i was the D.J, after i blatantly said no i wasn't, but still i got asked to put songs on, and then i never played them, and i got abuse given to me by old drunk people! mint! not.

anyway, bye yo!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy 50th bertheday janat from the jenkisk famalley love kaye

Anonymous Martin said...

Your used 2 abuse of old men after 2 years wiv andy now, what did u say bk to them?

Blogger Josho said...

thanks kaye, im sure they'll be chuffed to know you lot sed hi.

ha, well Martin i dint really say much back to them, i just said that i had the songs and they were coming on, n never played them.