Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The War Is On!!

Rite I think its about time I shared my thoughts on this boy (pictured left) he thinks he's so good but some day soon hes just gonna get knocked out, he thinks he's so good just because he currently has claimed 36 trig points, (if you are unsure on what trig points are just look here) and i have only currently claimed 34 due to this he recs he can now prance round thinking hes well better than me. Could he be MORE WRONG! he can just wait until i come back from my mass trig collection because I'm gonna get 50 in total before I'm 18, and lets see if hes still acting cocky then ey?

so if you see this fool walking round or something make sure you nudge into him and be rude or something like that, don't worry hes soft so he wont do anything.


Also on the topic of wars, Liverpool got through yesterday, and Man Utd are gonna get through tonight so its gonna be a Liverpool vs Man Utd final which is gonna be well good to watch, COME ON LIVERPOOL!! THE WAR IS ON!!!

and the moral of this post is that Wars are well good fun, yeah! on that note, bye, and go start some of your own wars!


Man Utd lost against AC Milan 3 - 0 so now the war is off.. oh well, my war is still on!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on Josho you can do it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

kaye jenkins

Blogger Yonner said...

ha. ok.