Thursday, June 28, 2007

Johno's Car

Yesterday me and my Father Johno whom you may remember from previous post such as "The Thingz" set off on an adventurous journey to Cardiff to pick up his car he had won from eBay. So there we are having lots of fun(pic left) on our 4 hour train trip from Manchester picadilly.

finally after long last we arrive at Cardiff and my dad has made a card for us so we can look like dorks holiding this up at the train station in cardiff, but everyone was welsh anyway so we fit right in. So then the guy finds us eventually and my dad gets on with the dodgy dealings and whatnot.

Woo so we got the car and we're sat there like layydz!! cruisin outa Cardiff still with my goon haircut. And everything is goin well and good, soakin up some cancer rays when along comes this big cloud and it starts raining on us. Oh well up goes the roof and we carry on all the way home.

woo isnt that cool so now my dads got an old 1992 Maxda MX-5 Sports Car, and its pretty cool! and good fun. well thats the story for today, bye!

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Blogger daveg said...

Nice one John, its a classic!! I will probably have a mid-life crises too; but i'm too young yet!!!!

Blogger Yonner said...

woah! nice wheels!! How much?

Blogger Josho said...