Sunday, July 29, 2007

Josho's 18th! woo

Wey, well it was my birthday on Saturday and now im 18 at long last, which is buzzin so yesterday started with getting up late and opening a few of my presents and i got a book about cycling, other cycling stuff, "Blood Diamond" on DVD a YSL shirt and some cash.

later on my party kicked off at 4 and me and amy were the only ones here for the first hour or so, then it kicked off a bit more, and my father johno got the bbq going whist my mother provided us with other food supplies.

later on in the night now, time to set off to The Gallows to let the neighbours get some sleep. so off we go to the gallows and its roasting hot and after a few there its time to head off into littleborough to extend the night further. 2 oclock comes and its last orders in The Falcon inn, so home time it is. Back home and most people walked about 20 of us. i went to get my tent and a load of chairs and off into the closest field it is! nobody wats to go sleep as we all havin a good laugh round the campfire and all that. 10 o clock in the morning comes and i realize that i haven't had any sleep, crawl back home and eat all the bread and drink all the milk i possibly could.

so now today i have another party for family and family friends, still not having had any sleep had good fun and stayed in the pool. and now im sat here and i dont think you could understand how much i want to go to bed, so thats exactly what im going to do as quick as i can.

Click here for the gallery of my 18th!
Also i now have a couple of videos for you to see; the first one is of Matt Whitham asleep on the field in a chair not waking up to anything, not even when we push his chair over! and dribbles on himself near the end, goon... :D

download matt whitham being a mess for your ipod/phone here!

and also my brother has made a little video for me, its just a silly video he made for me quickly, about bikes, click here to go view it

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi josh
happy 18th birthday, sorry if you got card late postal strike on wirral. glad to see you celebrated in true oldham style, catch up with you soon, have a good hol,
love aunty jo, uncle mike, sam & jessica xx

Blogger Josho said...

thanks auntie joe, unlce mike, sam & jessica! i appreciete the message still waiting on your card sorry, lets hope it gets here soon, along with any others, my mantelpiece is looking quite empty! :D x

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha. i dont remeber any of tht. i cant belive u pushed me over an i dint wake up. goon. mint nite tho. top lad- whitstan

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that video was funney was he drunck josho ar wos he tiyerd is ther eney mor stuf tow come on yor web shit josho andjams we ar all gowing on holaday to capan ray sow that well be god love kaye

Blogger Josho said...

yes i think he may have drunk to much kayo what a silly boy. Doesnt he look a mess!? there is plenty more stuff to come on my wed shit kaye dont u worry about that!