Thursday, July 19, 2007

Smivs Party

Good day yesterday, went to smiv's, my fellow bikers house for a pool/ BBQ Garden party was a great laugh and brilliant weather for the first time in weeks. bring on the real summer weather. and got sunburnt for the first time in ages aswell, result!

so after a 30 mile bike ride in the morning baggin usself another trig, then as soon as we did that it was straight to the pool at smivs for a refreshing dip. home shower and back agian for another swim. later on BBQ lots of other food and whatnot. proper good and tiring day.

Then on our way home, in the morning, we introduced Burl to a shortcut home which involved walkin to Hollingworth lake and back from Milnrow, over some hills, and back to his house with wet muddy feet. funny!

Anyway here is a gallery of pictures from the day/night Click Here to view them

what a fun day! anyway im tired n gonna get off, seeya!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice shortcut nob head. very good night tho

- adam

Blogger Josho said...

mind your lanuage burl there cud be kids reading this, tell him kaye.

and it was a mint shortcut!

Blogger Matthew said...

Josh, how can i get these photos? I must add them to my collection of things. Also, yeah! Mint day/night :D

Blogger Josho said...

you can go to the gallery thing and right click on the images 1 by 1 and select veiw image in seperate window and downloa\d them or u can ask me for them and ill puit them all up in a zipped folder for u to access if u want u pick!