Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Speccy Four Eyes

yyup i got my glasses yesterday, and thats what i look like with them on, amazing... ive only got them to pass my driving test with, and i just got them coz they were free coz im still classed as a student in full time education for some reason even tho i already finished, free glasses all around.

This is the first post in about 2 weeks now, whoops, guess i been a bit busy with other things, and the weather has been bob recently so aint really been able to get out and do much, so only one trig point in the last 2 weeks, go have a look on it on the pictures page. as you may be able to see my hair is also growing back a bit now so thats good.

sorry to all our fans for not keeping on top of things, ill try harder to get stuff up from now on!

ha, well bye!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool glases josh my mum has new glases thay loock good on you josh and you loock smart love kaye

Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like a freak to me- whitspam

Blogger Josho said...

thankyou very much kaye but ill never wear them ever again in my life i dont think they are too annoying!

Anonymous MK said...

you look like david smith

Anonymous Matty said...

Hahahaha... You suit glasses Josh, it makes a much more flattering photo of you.