Friday, July 27, 2007

Trig Week

The past week we have done over 150K of biking gaining 9 trigs aswell which now means that i am at a grand total of 50 trigs, and to those of you who know or remember that in a previous post i said that i want to get 50 before i was 18 and now i have accomplished this goal you can see the past trigs ive got on my trigging page. so its been a good week and i have my party tomorrow.

our bike rides have took us round places like new mills, Haworth, Slaithwaite and Ripponden. very interesting, check the most recent trigs on the trigging page for a good look, to the left is when we headed over towards Haworth, theres a wind farm on top of a hill you may have once seen it. they really are so massive scary standing underneath them as well, wind farms rule!

so the moral of this post is that bike riding rules and everyone should do it, thank you for congratulating me on 50 trigs and wishing me a happy birthday, no doubt my birthday pics will be up soon, stay tuned!
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Anonymous Matty said...

Some great rides, and an awesome windfarm photo to boot. This is most definately getting saved. I have counted my trigs and i think i amass a staggering 16... Million/Million. Its an IDEA to round that up, and try to make at least 20 before i become that number.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

happey bithdays have a good holaday my grandmar is dawn for the holadays and cusen to wot ar you all dowing for the holadas love kaye

Blogger Josho said...


yo kaye were going on holiday next week to france for 2 weeks, but im only going for one coz im flying home on results day, so i can see how muich iv failed my A-levels,

hello to ur grandma and everyone else!