Tuesday, August 07, 2007

2nd Day In The Life Video

yes correct i have finaly got round to making my second video, it is called "Another Day In The Life Of Josho", yes i know very creative and original name,

click here to watch another day in the life of josho

also im setting off to France in 30 minutes so aint got long to chat, shud be good fun, see everyone in a week!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

sick vid- whitspam

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thot that was graet video maet that was fantastick love kaye

Anonymous Martin said...

cool video, hope 2 c u on thursday in upsteps!!! results day piss-up!

Blogger Yonner said...

nice one josho. jolly good. I think it should be called "tyre buzz" not "tyre burn". But anyway, turn the flippin background music down and talk louder or something

Anonymous Anonymous said...

alright josh, well funny video

Blogger Josho said...

nah, i rushed it quick an hour before i went on holiday so i couldnt be bother adjusting the sound :D

and it is a tyre burn i think youl find maybe in your poor generation of a time its a tyre buzz, but to me its always been tyreburn PFF!