Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bank Holiday Sunday Night Out

On Sunday it was a bank holiday, so it was decided that we were going to go out to Oldham, and so we did, a rather large amount of us, except the goons who all went to the Leeds festival instead. I had to persuade my dad into giving me a lift home from camping in Lincoln so i could get back in time. my man Jack was meant to be picking me up, but the window screen wipers were broke on his car and he refused to drive with them not working in such sunny conditions.

My parents arn't back yet so ill have to get them pics up at a later date as they have my camera in Lincoln.

Also on the Monday i came home to work for a charity day, which was a good laugh. and now im sat here well hungry so without further delay i will present you with a link to the photo gallery for my night out!

well thats about it, seeya!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

garentee leeds was better than that. an u dint mention it was emmas bday nite out. goon. still looked fun tho. get your rusty bullet out- matt whitham

Blogger Josho said...

oh ye, and Happy Birthday Emaa!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you look sow tand maet haw wos yur holaday in francs whit yor famaley wewent to chapenray for a wek it was graet to be back ther we haven be sins 7 yers love kaye

Blogger Josho said...

our holiday in france was brill thanks kaye! good to know you had fun in capenray aswell. shame your not at bassenfell this year! seeya