Saturday, August 04, 2007

Camping Trip

The other night me and the crew went to Blackstone edge for a camping trip, was a good laugh. but again i am at a lack of sleep, due to the fact that i forgot my sleeping bag, and had to sleep with out one, and it was very cold so that was no sleep for me. camping is brilliant. get a fire goin some bbq food, marshmallows, beans and whatever you fancy and your buzzin as a bee! highly recommend to anybody, just make sure you have a sleeping bag.

I had been to streetwise sports in Oldham previously that day, to the closing down sale, and got a cricket set for 7 quid, bargin and so that was what we burnt our time doing when it was light. that and chasing sheep.

here are a few photos from the night, click to see the gallery

and now i am tired and wish to go to bed to try and catch up on all the sleep i have lost, goodnight again!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you's bunch of idiots think ur cool but ur not so get a grip of yourselfs you NEDS!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger Josho said...

why thankyou im proud to be a ned, and you may be..?