Saturday, August 18, 2007

Results Day

On Thursday it was a day that alot of people wern't looking forward too, its the day we all get our results for the past 2 years of hardcore studying, or in some cases 2 years of general arsin about, which would be my case! on the other hand it was a day that alot of people were also looking forward too, as pubs, bars n clubs all over britain would be packed with students celebrating or trying to forget their results!

So off i get at 10 in the morning, not looking forward to any moment of my life in the next hour or so, after a while of queuing i finally get my results and to my surprise i haven't failed my Further Maths, but other than that i got what i expected. the results are as follows...

Not the most impressive of results i gotta admit, but thats what i get for spending most of my first year in the Buck & Union Pub and never doin any homework or classwork for that matter, and also turning up late quite often, and never taking notes, so i think i did ok for myself!

Whats annoying is that i got 299 points in my maths which is an E, and 300 marks is a D, anoying, i would apply for a remark but it costs like a tenner or sumamt, rip off!

I always got told how much better i could do and all that, but i am much to lazy to be able to put in any effort for education anymore, just seemed so much a waste of my time, so now in the years to come who knows whats gonna happen, I'm not going to Uni as that would just be a waste of time and money, however i wouldn't mind goin for the laugh, as already a lot of my friends are there and a lot are going next year.

so next year i am gonna be bored out of my face 24/7 with only me and Matt Whitham not going uni. not looking forward to the summer holidays ending at all.

any way enough talk on all that miserable depressing stuff, time for the fun part of results day, the drinking! what a long absolutely mint day. i cant really describe how good it was really. but i do have a few pictures n stuff. for the first time in the past 3 years the Ladybarn in Milnrow had some customers! then off into Oldham later on for a buzzin night!

what a good day! anyway im off!
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Blogger TomG said...

Nice entry Josh and it was great fun being in High School AND College with you!
Im gona miss you but we will still see eachother on nights out/parties/gatherings like this one no doubt so thats cool.
omg, effects of alcohol and dancing arent good as shown by them pics of me D:
Heh, it was an awesome night tho - thanks for being our organiser! I got to meet a few people before i go to uni which was nice.

Blogger Josho said...

ha buzzin night ye! more thanks to ben he organised everyones else who was goin who wernt at college.

not lookin forward to next year at all tho, :( but ye still see most people i spose! see u at mattys 20th!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

next year will be mint josh what u chattin. all these little book worms spendin money on havin to work. well be earnin pure dolla so itll be right. ill have a drink at leeds for matti. - whitlam

Blogger Josho said...

ye spose your right actually. weel be the richest ever, supervisors of the ladybarn and somerfield all the way, my career prospects are higher than the CN tower.

Blogger Burl said...

Haha, I'll be getting paid to work next year just like the past 2 years. EMA for teh win, teh win I say.


And yeah, It was a quality night!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Josh - I've enjoyed your website, and still wonder why you only got a C for Computing. Will you miss doing Maths now and then? But perhaps a career in journalism, in the style of Jeremy Clarkson, would suit you better. I'll keep watching the Trig Wars page!
Good Luck

Blogger Josho said...

i got a c same reason i did poor in maths, never did anywork or went into any lessons, plus we had to do coursework aswell, so that just dragged me down.

not sure how many more trigs were gonna be gettin in the near future, now weve both got 50 i dunno what were gonna do, kinda stumped, 50 is a good number i wouldnt like to ruin it and get a bob number like 51 or summat...