Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Woohoo! Skiing!

Wahey, cant wait iv just got my brand new first adult passport through the door today. which is actually quite amazing, and ill tell you why,..

Because this stoopid postal strike was on and i was in desperate need of a new passport and Im going on holiday in December, and it says that your passport can take up to 6 weeks to process and get back to you in. Soooo because of this i decided it would be better if i drove over to Liverpool to hand in my passport at the passport office there, so i did on Saturday, and i got it back on Wednesday (today) which ive never heard it be that quick before, in fact i got it so quick that i got my passport before my cheque i gave to them even cleared. which means that if i wanted i could draw all the money out of my bank, so then my cheque would bounce, and then ill deny that i received my passport in the post and ill be 72 quid better off! plan

anyway, ye more about skiing, me Tom, Jake n Amy are goin. and we got a well mint deal, because our original holiday got canceled, and now we are going to a more expensive better area for a much lower price. its gonna be buzzin, iv just bought my self some skiing gear which i have drawn in the picture above.

well anyway hope u like my picture and im gonna try and keep updating more regularly now, so for now goodbye!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aint bin on ure site in a while but as usual when I did u have the instant ability to make me laugh, if i werent so rediculously rubbish at stamina ide do Lands end - Jonogroaties with u, o and ide need a road bike haha. Still, looking forward to you coming up some time soon so get ure foot on the mend pal and ill catch ya soon, Smiv

Blogger Yonner said...

1. skiing sounds fun. lucky you!
2. isn't it time this site went for a white background?

Blogger Josho said...

1. ha nice one smiv good to hear ye foot nearly there now.

2. to yonner. ha! if i could be bothered id do it then itd be done a long time ago, but aslong as your on ur mac u can always invert colours ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is sow funey josho haw did you do that we ar coming up on friday sow i wel cee you on saterday from kaye

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yerrrrr gonna be a sik holiday, got me sallopettes tuther day, im gonna luk sik haha
an as for the road bike idea, i fink ure mental an road bikes re for geeks hahaha.

Anonymous Lucy said...

I like it
: )

good to hear about gettin a better place for less money, can't be bad!!