Friday, March 07, 2008

Computers In Kitwe

About a year ago now I was involved in sending a load of computers to A village called Kapoto in Kitwe which is the third largest city in Zambia. the church over there was in contact with ours, and we knew that there was a guy over there who wanted to set up his own internet cafe business, but over there prices of computers and that sort of thing are ridiculous, so we collected as many computers as we could, that people were gonna just throw out and that were of a reasonable spec. including monitors, mice etc. it was my job as well to wipe all the pc's and re-install everything that they needed for them.

After this we had to box up all the equipment and get them on there way to the village, it took about 6 months or so for them to get there but finally they all arrived and nothing got damaged, in the pictures you can see the kids over there messing around on them, which is cool!

Heres part of an email my dad got:

"The boys at the center are very excited! The dream has been accomplished and we commit ourselves to do the best we can to lookafter these excellent machines. People have also been amazed at how good a spec they are!"

Anyway just thought id post something, with my website being a bit quiet at the moment so there you go!
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Anonymous yon said...

jolly good. winxp and firefox? marvellous.

Blogger Josho said...

yup sure thing

Anonymous Anonymous said...

lets just hope they dont visit this site and see pictures of themselves. if they do theyll think youve stolen their souls.